I have a problem with a coupon code, what do I do?

Please check the requirements on the coupon to make sure they're valid for the task. Look for the following:

  • Expiry: you're not able to use a coupon after it's expiration date. 
  • Minimum value: if your task isn't at least of this value, the coupon won't apply.
  • Exceeded use: coupons are often single use, or can only be redeemed once per account. If you've used the coupon previously, it can't be applied again.

If you're having trouble with a coupon that was previously used on a cancelled task, please contact us here.

On the rare occasion you have a problem with using a valid coupon, and you've checked for the above, please try our technical troubleshooting tips next:

  • Close the browser or app down, then reopen it and try to enter the coupon again.
  • Log out and back in and try to enter the coupon again.

If you’re still unable to redeem the coupon, please contact us with the coupon code here.

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