What is the Electrical Badge? How do I get one?

Note: this badge is currently only available in Australia.

Taskers with the Electrical Badge are more than twice as likely to be assigned to electrical tasks as Posters look for this badge specifically. Not to mention it's FREE! - if you have a licence go ahead and get the badge today to start earning more!



To apply:

  1. Fill out the application for your relevant state or territory (as linked above)
  2. Your licence is checked with the relevant registry.
  3. Then we'll add the Electrical Badge to your profile.

Once your electrical contractor licence details have been checked with a government registry, we'll add the Electrical Badge to your profile. It's 100% free (we’re covering the application fee and display fee) for those who want to take part.

If you’ve got any other trade licences, it’s best to call out the licence number when you make an offer on a task. We’ll hopefully be rolling out licence badges for other trades Australia-wide soon.

Important note for Taskers:

It is an offence to undertake electrical wiring work without a licence and can pose serious safety risks to both you and the Poster. Always ensure that you have the correct licensing to safely perform the work and to ensure the highest standard of work.

Please note that this verification depends on accurate information provided by the applicant.

Note: this badge is currently only available in Australia.

What is electrical wiring work?

The definition of electrical wiring work can be found in the Gas & Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act 2017 and relates to the physical work of installing, repairing, altering, removing or adding to an electrical installation.

In NSW, only an authorised electrician can perform electrical wiring work. A Tasker who is an authorised electrician may have the Electrical Badge.

Please note that the Badge is granted based on a point in time check which means results only reflect relevant records on the date that the check was completed. If you engage an Electrical Badge holder for tasks involving electrical work, you should verify their current credentials prior to the task being carried out. You can also check to see if the tasker is an authorised electrician through the relevant register in your State. 

Once you’ve accepted an offer you can request the following details from an Electrical Badge holder:

  • Full name
  • Licence no.

To verify the Licence please click on the relevant state below:

Electrical Contractor


Electrical Contractor


Electrical Contractor


Electrical Contractor


Electrical Contractor


Electrical Contractor


Electrical Contractor


Electrical Contractor



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