What Taskers can do bookings? How are they chosen?

Bookings, known as Instant Claim tasks to Taskers, are a new type of task to help you get more done with less fuss. If you haven't heard of them before, check out our article here for more information.

Your Tasker (the person doing your task) will be someone shortlisted for their outstanding skills and reputation.

Only select Taskers get offered the chance to claim bookings. These Taskers have proven track records with full house removals, great completion rates, reviews and reputations on the platform, and they are located nearby. These shortlisted Taskers will see your booking and are given the chance to claim the task if they know they’re available and capable to do it.  

As soon as a Tasker claims the task, you’ll get an email to show you their profile and let you know who they are. This is when they (and you) can send private messages and make introductions!


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