What is a booking?

Bookings are a new type of task we’re trialling on Airtasker (Taskers know them as “Instant Claim” tasks).

When you make a booking, all you have to do is fill out a specialised form. It's easier than ever to get tasks done!

This article has lots of great information to help you understand the booking feature. Here you'll find:


Why did Airtasker develop bookings?

Designed to have all the details arranged, set and paid for upfront, bookings help Taskers know exactly what to do before they arrive at your door.

This means less thinking needed on your part - without anything to manage, you can just set it and forget till the day arrives!

When you use the form to enter your details, we’ll use this info to arrive at a fair price for the task based on industry rates, data from our marketplace and advice from Taskers we spoke to.

Only selected Taskers with proven ability, great reviews and reputations, and low cancellation rates can then review and complete your task.

Once a Tasker claims the task, it works like any other on Airtasker - you and the Tasker can private message each other, increase the price (should anything additional be added to the scope) and release payment.


What is the difference between a booking and a normal posted task?

To be honest, they’re very similar – but they do have a few key differences. Bookings have the following features:

  • Set task details – Once you’ve added what you need done, if there’s something else to do you’ll need to increase the price.
  • Set price – Our form will calculate a fair, non-negotiable price for what's required based on industry averages and marketplace data.
  • One-stop – Once you create your booking, we’ll send it out to a variety of top-quality Taskers with proven ability, high completion rates and review scores. One of these Taskers will then claim the booking if they’re available to do it.
  • Book first, talk later – Bookings have no comments before a Tasker claims the task, freeing up time to do other things! After it's claimed, you're free to private message and sort out anything that’s left over.
  • Just removals – At the moment, bookings are only for full house removal. Hopefully we'll expand into other types of task in the future, but first we’re going to see how it pans out with removalist tasks.

Once a Tasker claims your booking, it moves from the Bookings tab to sit inside All Tasks. Then it works like any other regular task.


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