How does the service fee work with Instant Claim tasks?

Instant Claim tasks, known as bookings to Posters, are a new type of task to help you earn more with less fuss. If you don't already know how they work, see our handy article here.

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How does the service fee apply to Instant Claim tasks?

The service fee applies as it would for any other task.

We have already deducted this amount and the GST from the task price to show the “take-home” amount. This will help you see straight away how much you will receive in your bank account once the task is complete.


What does "take-home" mean?

Take-home is the amount of money you’ll receive in your account once the task is complete. We have already deducted the service fee and GST - so what you see is what you’ll get!

We took feedback that it takes time to subtract these costs to determine whether the task is profitable for you. This is why we’ve changed it to show the “take-home” amount to help you claim the tasks more quickly and earn money faster.


How do you figure out how much Instant Claim tasks should cost?

A team of 6 people spent 6 months doing a ton of work to figure out the right questions to ask in order to calculate the right price. This involved in-depth research on industry rates, talking to lots of Taskers, diving deep into our data on the marketplace and planning for unforeseen circumstances. Our main aim was to make sure that the prices generated are fair and accurate.

We learned how much staircases mattered and that it’s important to know the list of items that need moving. We also learned the need to know about access and the distance from and to the different locations to make sure costs for fuel and travel time are taken into account.

Because we believe in the importance of fair pricing, we’ll make sure to update prices if anything changes or if we discover that we’ve incorrectly priced things (if this happens, it was probably due to limited information at the time).

Remember, the choice is yours to claim a task - you’re your own boss! If you’re not keen on a particular task, then don’t claim it.


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