How can I get an Instant Claim task?

Our aim is to make it easier than ever for you to find relevant, paying work – less fuss to earn more. That’s why we’ve made Instant Claiming straightforward and simple. Haven't heard of Instant Claim tasks before? See this article first.

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How to claim a task

Claiming a task can be done by following the easy guide below:

  1. You’ll get a notification when a new Instant Claim task appears near you. 
    - You can see these in both your notifications tab and as a small pink button in your Browse tasks (it’ll say See Instant Claim tasks). 
    - Select the notification to see the available tasks. 
  2. Select the task you like. If there isn’t one there, the tasks may have already been claimed – check back later.
  3. Check the details and make sure you’re free and able to do the task, then select Claim task.
  4. Select the checkboxes to confirm that you agree to their requirements, then select I agree and claim the task (if you do!).
  5. You’ll then see a confirmation that the task is yours.
  6. Message the Poster and sort out any remaining details(like specific addresses and times etc).
  7. Do the task efficiently and well.
  8. When you’re done, select Request payment on the Task details screen.
  9. Then just leave a review and move on to the next one!


Who is eligible for Instant Claim tasks?

We heard your feedback that we need to do more to differentiate between good and bad Taskers. Instant Claim is the first in a series of incentives we’re launching (you read that right, stay tuned). These will reward Taskers with proven skill, ability and reputation.

This is why Instant Claim tasks will only be offered to Taskers with a high number of completed tasks, great ratings, an excellent reputation and low cancellation rates.

We’re trialling this initiative right now to see how well it works and learn how to make it even better. So for the time being these tasks are only available for full house removals within NSW and VIC.

If you can’t see Instant Claim tasks yet, keep doing tasks often and to a high standard. If you build up your ratings and reviews and keep your cancellation rate low - hopefully you’ll start seeing Instant Claim tasks soon!


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