What are Instant Claim tasks?

Instant Claim tasks are a new type of task to help you earn more with less fuss! The idea is to get you all the details you need right from the beginning and to set the price up front (Posters know these as “bookings”). 

In this way, Instant Claim tasks help you to earn more by doing less.

This article has lots of great information to help you understand the Instant Claim feature. Here you'll find:


Why did Airtasker develop Instant Claim tasks?

As part of our grander mission of making Airtasker a great place to earn money, we took a long, hard look at how tasks get done. There are a few key points that really stood out:

  • Feedback showed us that task descriptions can often lack the detail and clarity Taskers need to make an accurate offer and do a good job.

  • Our own research showed us that Posters often underpriced their tasks by up to 20%.

  • We heard that leaving comments to get more details could be slow and repetitive. This can add up to 7 hours to the time it takes to get assigned. This often led to getting assigned to several tasks. That caused clashes with other scheduled tasks and forced cancellations.

  • Having to wait for Posters to pick their Tasker could get frustrating. This isn’t surprising – having to make several offers to get assigned to 1 task isn’t ideal.

The great news is that we've designed Instant Claim tasks to help solve all these issues in one fell swoop!

We’d also like to mention that we believe in fair pay here at Airtasker. We’d like to help make sure that tasks you complete are fairly priced by weighing up against similar competitors.


What is the difference between an Instant Claim task and a normal posted task?

Instant Claim tasks are different because you’re assigned to a task as soon as you claim it.

Instant Claim tasks use a special kind of form for Posters. This form clarifies almost all the information you’ll need to know about removals from the start. It then generates a fair price. This is based on industry averages, data from our marketplace and advice from Taskers we spoke to. The Poster then pays for the task there and then.

No more leaving comments to get answers to your questions. No more making offers and twiddling your thumbs waiting for Posters to assign you. If you’re free to do the task, simply select Claim task and you’re instantly assigned - the task is yours!

Once you claim the task, then you’ll be able to chat through private messages with the Poster as you would with any normal task.

And that’s it! Apart from these differences, an Instant Claim task functions much like a normal posted task. So increasing the price, bonuses, private messaging (after you’ve claimed) and reviews all work like normal.

We’re still trialling this feature to see if it works for the wider marketplace. That’s why it's only available for full house removals in NSW and VIC.

We’ll be seeing how well they work and learn how we can improve – then hopefully roll them out permanently soon!


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