Why can't I assign my task?

In some rare cases, you might experience a problem when you're trying to assign your task. To help you troubleshoot and get your task assigned ASAP, we've created this handy guide on the issues you could be facing and how to fix them.

Things to consider if you can't assign your task:

1. Has the task expired?

If your due date has already passed, you won't be able to reopen the task or assign it. You will need to create a new one and receive new offers before assigning.

2. Has the Tasker withdrawn their offer?

You won't be able to view a Tasker's offer if they have withdrawn it or deactivated their account, and therefore won't be able to assign this specific person. If this is the case, you can either request another offer from them or choose a different Tasker.

3. Have you received the error message about 'Restricted access'?

This error (as pictured below) can mean either your account or the Tasker's account has been limited. If you haven't received any recent correspondence from us about your account status, the issue is likely on the Tasker's end. You will need to choose a different Tasker to assign instead. 


4. Is your account active and not limited?

If your account has been limited (perhaps due to reasons explained here), you would have received email correspondence from us about it. Check your junk folder for anything you may have missed. You won't be able to assign a new task if your account is limited.

If you have any questions about your account or still can't assign your task, please contact us so we can assist. 


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