Poster information about pricing and payments

Here at Airtasker we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get things done. To help in this aim, we’ve created this handy FAQ about everything you need to know about pricing and payments on Airtasker.

  • How do I set a good budget?

We’ve developed a price guide to help Posters understand the average prices for different industries. It’s a good place to start when setting your budget. You can also check out our handy article here for more tips.

  • What payment methods can I use?

Airtasker only supports online payments through our secure program, Airtasker PayThis safe way to pay lets you use Visa or Mastercard credit/debit cards to pay for your tasks.

At the moment, you can only add one card to your card at any one time.

  • How do I use a coupon?

Add your coupon when you assign a Tasker. There will be a little add coupon button in the payment screen. For more information on how coupons work, see our article here.

  • Why was payment taken before the task is finished?

When you assign a task, the payment is withdrawn from your method and held securely in escrow in Airtasker Pay. You have full control over when you release the payment to the Tasker. For more information on this process, see here.

  • After the task has started, I think the price should change. What should I do?

When you assign a task, you’re engaged in a contract directly with the Tasker. Discuss with them any possible changes in price. If you’re looking to increase the price, see more information here. If you need to decrease, see here for help.

  • How do I pay my Tasker?

When the Tasker has completed the task, they will request payment from you. If you’re satisfied the task has been completed, click the green release payment button. Should there be any problems, please get in touch with us here.

  • Can I tip my Tasker?

Yes! We’ve created bonuses on Airtasker to help you out with this. When you click through to release payment, you'll have the option to add a little bit extra to say thanks if you like.

  • My task is cancelled. Where is my refund?

When a task is processed as cancelled, you may receive the payment back as Airtasker credit within 1 business day. You’ll be notified of the status of your funds via email when the task is cancelled. If you’d like your payment back to your card, simply reply to that email, or contact us here.

  • How long does a refund take?

Once the payment has been processed back to your payment method, it will arrive back in your account in a maximum of 7-10 business days. This timeframe is dependent on processing times between our payment provider and your bank.

  • How do I get an invoice?

Since Taskers are independent contractors, you’ll have to request a tax invoice from them. As the provider of the service, they should be able to get you one. 

Looking for more specific answers about payments and pricing? See our range of articles listed here.

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