Tips to help you complete your assigned tasks

Commitment to task completion is part of Airtasker’s core marketplace values. Task cancellations create a negative experience for Posters, leading to fewer posted tasks and less opportunities for Taskers to earn money.

We know that sometimes things go wrong and tasks need to be cancelled. To help you avoid this as much as possible, we’ve created the below tips for Taskers to minimise their task cancellations and maximise their earnings.


If something comes up and your availabilities no longer match the Poster’s, you should communicate with them to discuss other possible times for the task. It’s important that you try to reschedule the task before requesting or accepting a task cancellation.

Ask questions before making an offer

If you need more information about an issue to decide on a price or whether you can complete a task, break that down into a set of questions that you can ask in the comments section. You can also ask for pictures that will help you scope out the task and diagnose what needs doing.

Example: if you are doing a gardening task, and your offer changes depending on how overgrown the area is, you should ask for pictures to scope out the area before making your offer. Similarly, if the state of a house changes your offer for cleaning, you should ask about what condition it’s currently in.  

Keep track of your offers

Be mindful of the offers you place. If you’re assigned to a task or your schedule changes, update your existing offers where necessary.

Negotiate changes in price on Airtasker

If the scope of the task changes, and you’ve agreed on a different price with the Poster, make the adjustments via Airtasker instead of cancelling or asking for cash instead. Make sure you document the agreement in the task PMs and use the increase price feature for any additional payment. If the price needs to be decreased, please reach out to our Support Team here


Be proactive and consistent with your communication so you and the Poster can align your expectations from the start. The earlier you set these expectations, the better - this can be done before making an offer by asking questions in the comments, through your offer itself, or when you’re assigned to the task.

Document any cancellations

If you must cancel the task, please record all relevant information in Airtasker PMs and take any photos of the task as necessary. We’re here to help you if anything hasn’t gone to plan, so if you need help, please contact us here.

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