How to write a good task description

A detailed and clear task description is really important because it lets Taskers know what you want done for your task so that you're both on the same page from the start. It also means that Taskers can come prepared with the correct equipment and materials for the job, ready to complete your job without any delays.

From our experience, a good task description has:

  • all the details about what exactly needs to be done
  • a task price that covers the whole cost of completing a task
  • extra information like photos, measurements, model numbers, if you'll supply materials or not etc.

In addition to this, remember to check the comments on your task regularly and answer any questions Taskers may have about your task!

Here is an example of what a good task description and one that could use some work looks lik:

Good: Looking for someone to mow my lawn which is roughly 15m by 5m. The grass is around 30cm tall. I’ve also got 5 pot plants that need pruning. I’ve added some pictures of the pot plants to this task.

My green bin is full so you’ll also need to take the clippings away!

I work weekdays so early afternoon on either Saturday or Sunday would be perfect. Need this done before the 5th of April.

P.S. you’ll need to bring your own lawn mower because mine is broken :(

Bad: Mow my lawn and prune my plants.

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