Payment Community Guidelines (for Posters)

To ensure a safe and rewarding environment for all members of the Airtasker community, it’s important to understand how pricing and payments work.

5.1 No commission based pricing

Sales and commission based tasks are not permitted and will be moderated and/or removed. Any offers made on your task should be for the full scope of the task. When you accept an offer, that is the final amount that you’re obligated to pay and there are no additional fees. 

  • Example 1: Julia posted a task and received an offer from Alberto who commented, "Difficult to estimate how long this task will take, so I prefer to charge by hourly rates. My offer is for 5 hours at 20 per hour, but we can finalise the price upon task completion based on how long it takes." Alberto was notified that his comment is not within our Guidelines and Julia was reminded to only accept offers that are totalled to a full amount per task. In instances like this, we suggest you estimate the length of time the task will take to complete and calculate a total amount per task.
  • Example 2: Kurt posted a task with the following description - "Sign up to our induction program and receive cash in return". Kurt's post was cancelled and advised his offer was commission based as it offered earning additional money from an action taken.

5.2 Airtasker Pay

When an offer is accepted you will need to add funds to the task, which are securely held in an Airtasker Trust Account until the task is completed. A credit/debit Mastercard or VISA card will be required to add funds.

Once completed, the Airtasker Worker will request to have the funds released and you’ll be notified to release payment. It’s important to only release the funds when the task has been completed in full, so that if there’s an issue our team is in a better position to help you.

Airtasker Pay ensures the safety and security of all our community members.

5.3 Accurate banking details

To provide seamless transaction of funds to your Airtasker Worker, please ensure your credit or debit cards details are valid and up to date in your Payment Settings.

5.4 Payments with VISA or Mastercard

All tasks must be remunerated via credit or debit Mastercard or VISA card. Cash or cash equivalent payments are not supported.

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