What is subcontracting?

When you assign someone to your task, it’s very important that the Tasker who made the offer is the person who completes it.
This is because Airtasker Insurance only applies to Airtasker members. If a Tasker sends someone else to do their task, or if they bring along a non-member to help, the task can’t be covered by insurance. Please read more about how Airtasker Insurance works here.
The Tasker can absolutely bring along someone else to help you with your task, however they must have their own Airtasker account. If someone else arrives to help your Tasker, we recommend that you check their identity and confirm they’re registered on Airtasker.
If you have a large task that you require more than one Tasker for, you’re also able to post a project task. These tasks allow you to assign up to 20 people. This way you don’t need to worry about a Tasker needing extra outside help, because you’ve chosen all the Taskers yourself.
When you’re assigned a task to complete on Airtasker, it’s very important that you are the one that completes it. Asking someone else to complete the task for you is called subcontracting and it is not supported on the Airtasker platform.
You’re welcome to bring someone along to help, as long as you are also present at the task at all times, and your helper has their own Airtasker account. Shared accounts are not allowed as per our Terms and Conditions, so please make sure everyone has their own. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up an account and it will be vital if there are any issues.
Avoiding subcontracting is important for your reputation on Airtasker, as having someone else do your task can negatively impact your profile and reviews. Subcontracted tasks also are not eligible for Airtasker Insurance, which you can read more about here.
Remember, as the assigned Tasker, you are accountable for any damage or loss incurred during the task. Any helpers need their own Airtasker account, as this is needed for tasks to be eligible for insurance.
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