What is a Police Check Badge?

Note: this badge is currently only available in Australia.


To help build trust and transparency in our community, we've created the Police Check Badge. All members are encouraged to apply for this badge. Taskers with the Police Check Badge are more likely to be assigned to tasks as Posters look for this badge specifically.

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A Police Check Badge is only added to a member’s profile if they do not have a Disclosable Court Outcome (i.e. the Airtasker Member has a clean police history check) as notified to Airtasker by our verifications provider, and their name and date of birth details on Airtasker match those provided for the police check.

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For more information about our verifications provider, RISQ, visit this page.

What is a Disclosable Court Outcome?

A Disclosable Court Outcome means that, following an Australian police history check, an individual does have a police history, which can be released to the organisation that requested the check. Disclosable Court Outcomes may include:

  • court convictions, including penalties and sentences;
  • findings of guilt with no conviction;
  • court appearances
  • good behaviour bonds or other court orders;
  • matters awaiting court hearing;
  • traffic offences.

How long can a Police Check Badge be displayed for?

A Police Check Badge can only be displayed on a profile for a maximum of 12 months. The last date that the Police Check was verified is displayed on an Airtasker Member's profile alongside the badge. However, please be aware that a Police Check is a point in time check, meaning that results only reflect police records up until the date it is issued.

Important Notes:

Please note that the accuracy and quality of this National Police History Check depends on accurate identification of the Applicant (including aliases) and information provided in the application form and the comprehensiveness of police records.

While every care has been taken by the verification provider as an accredited ACIC agency to process a National Police Check (NPC), a NPC does not purport to be a complete and comprehensive search of all Australian police records. Its accuracy and coverage are contingent upon accurate identification of the Applicant and the quality of police records. Reasons for Police History Information being excluded from the report include the operation of laws that prevent disclosure of certain Police History Information, or that the Applicant’s record is not identified by the search process across the Police History Information holdings.

A Police Check is different to a Working with Children/ Vulnerable People Check. These type of checks need to be obtained directly by the individual where required.

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