How does Airtasker Insurance work for Job Posters?

Airtasker Insurance is a third party liability policy that insures independent contractor Airtasker Workers in the Airtasker marketplace for their liability to third parties while performing covered activities during a Task.

The insurance policy is only provided for covered activities.

Download the list of covered activities

As a Job Poster, you have engaged an Airtasker Worker (an independent contractor) to complete your task. The Worker is primarily responsible for the work that is carried out and subsequently liable for consequences that result from their activities when performing the Task.

If the Worker causes injury or property damage to a Job Poster whilst performing covered activities during a Task, Airtasker Insurance helps to cover the third party liability of the Worker subject as always to Insurer’s terms and conditions.

In the event of a successful claim, the Worker is expected to contribute their share of the loss which will be in the form of an excess or co-contribution.

If the loss amount is below the Worker's required excess payment, the Job Poster has the option of recovering the loss directly from the Worker.

The Policy is in place to insure against large value losses up to $20 million and not necessarily smaller property damage losses. For losses of lower value, it is expected for the parties to resolve this directly as the loss in question may be smaller than the excess payment required from the Worker. In these type of cases, the Job Poster should recover the loss directly from the Worker.

Please also note that insurance only covers the Worker performing a covered activity during performance of a task. If someone else shows up to perform the task or extra people are brought to assist with the task, please note that this is in breach of the Community Guidelines and those individuals will not be covered by Airtasker Insurance unless they are also a registered Airtasker Member.

As a Job Poster, if you have suffered damage or personal injury due to the actions of a Worker during their performance of a covered activity, we suggest that you take the following steps:

1. Communicate with the Worker to attempt to resolve the alleged loss matter

2. If unable to resolve the matter, please contact Airtasker at

3. Airtasker will contact the Worker to request them to fill out an insurance claim form

4. We may also request the Job Poster to fill out an incident notification form to provide their version of the events

5. The claim form along with incident details will be forwarded to the Insurer's claims assessor

Please note that the Insurer may collect information from all the parties involved to make a decision on whether the Worker is liable for the loss and also to assess the value of the alleged loss. As per standard insurance process, the claim may be denied if there is insufficient evidence to justify a claim. Please retain supporting evidence of the incident and contact details of witnesses.

If the claim is denied by the Insurer in line with policy conditions, then the Job Poster still has the option of recovering the loss directly from the independent contractor Worker.

Please note this is a summary of the Airtasker third party liability insurance policy ONLY. Nothing contained herein is general or personal advice. Furthermore, it is declared and agreed that nothing contained in this summary should be understood to be an express or implied condition, term or exclusion which forms part of the Insurer Policy terms and conditions or be relied upon in the event of a Claim. Please contact Airtasker for access to the Certificate of Currency and/or Insurance Policy Schedule and/or Policy Wording for information as to the specific coverage, terms, conditions and exclusions afforded by the Insurer in the event of an incident, occurrence or Claim. Please also note that each Claim is subject to an Excess payable by the Airtasker Worker - full details of the Policy, its coverage and exclusions including the applicable excess details are available on request by the Airtasker Worker. 

(*) Content provided by Modern Risk Solutions Pty Ltd who is Corporate Authorised Representative of PSC Connect Pty Ltd (Australian Financial Services Licence AFSL 344648)



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