What are project tasks?

Project based tasks are task that can be assigned to multiple people.

This is a great feature for tasks such as:

  • Mystery shopping
  • Focus groups
  • Questionnaires
  • Promotional staff
  • Flyer drops
  • Wait staff/ catering
  • Data entry
  • Office cleaning
  • Moving personnel
  • Product testing'
  • Surveys

With project tasks you can post a task for up to 4 people without an ABN. If you add an ABN to your profile you can post a task for up to 30 people!

You can add an ABN to your profile here.

In order to post a project task follow the steps below:

  1. Tell us what the project is after clicking the post a task button
  2. Enter the total number of Airtaskers required
  3. Review and assign Airtaskers to the project as they make offers
  4. The project will automatically finalise once all slots have been assigned or once the deadline of the project has passed
  5. A sub-task will be created for each worker that is assigned to a project
  6. You can then locate each sub-task to communicate directly with each individual Airtasker Worker using the private message feature
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