What is Airtasker Pay?

Airtasker Pay is our new payment system that ensures payment protection for Taskers and a seamless, secure way to get local tasks completed for Posters.

The steps below outline the Airtasker payment flow under this system:

  1. A task is posted by the Poster.
  2. The Poster receives offers from Tasker who are willing to complete the task.
  3. When the Poster accepts an offer from their preferred Tasker, the task funds are securely held within an escrow account until the  Poster is satisfied that the task is complete.
  4. The Tasker completes the task and requests payment upon completion.
  5. The Poster releases the funds and the Tasker receives payment into their verified bank account.

Make sure your details are up to date for a seamless transition in your Payment Settings



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