How do I assign an Airtasker to my task?

It's easy to assign an Airtasker Worker to your task by simply reviewing the offers you've received and accepting your chosen Airtasker's offer. 

To review offers, select the Review Offers button located in the top right hand corner of the task page and scroll through the offers. The Airtasker's Completion Rate, reviews and Verifications will also be listed to help assist with your decision making. When you have chosen a suitable Airtasker, select the Accept Offer button to assign the task. 

You can also select the View Offer buttons under the offers section of the task page to review the Airtasker and their offer. 

Once the task has been successfully assigned, you can call the Airtasker or communicate with them via Airtasker private messaging to confirm finer details about the task. 

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