What is the Coles partnership?

We’re partnering with Coles to help customers get their groceries shopped and delivered straight to the door by Airtaskers. This partnership is exclusively available to Airtasker members all over Australia.
Why should I use Airtasker for my grocery shopping?
Airtasker can help you get your shopping delivered on the very same day - even in a few hours if you’d like. You’ll also get the chance to change any items on your list while the Airtasker Worker is at the store - they’ll be happy to help!
How do I get my groceries delivered?
Simply post a task up on Airtasker asking for someone to head to Coles, shop for and deliver your groceries! 
How do I pay for the groceries and for delivery?
When you’re posting your task, you’ll need to give a budget for how much you’re willing to pay for the delivery. Airtaskers can then make you offers to pick up and deliver the items on your shopping list.

Once the shopping’s been done, you’ll get a notification so you can approve the cost of the shopping. 

What if some of the products I want aren’t available in the store?
If there’s an item on the list that isn’t at the store, the Airtasker will get in touch with you so you can figure out what you’d like to replace it with.
What if some of the products delivered are damaged or broken?
If a product gets delivered to you damaged or broken, please contact
What if a product is past its use-by date?
If a product delivered is past its use-by date, please contact
How can I contact support?
For Coles related shopping tasks please get in touch with us at For general Airtasker queries not relating to ‘Coles Shop and Deliver’ tasks please let us know at
What if a product requested is not available? 
If something’s out of stock, there’s ways you can still give great customer service to your Job Poster:
  1. Get in touch with the Job Poster and ask them what they’d like instead
  2. Have a look to see if there’s another size in the same flavour/brand
  3. If there isn’t another size then choose a different brand alternative brand with a similar flavour or type (e.g.if there aren't any Coles Chocolate Chip Cookies available then pick Cottage Chocolate Chip Cookies instead!)
What if the Job Poster cancels the task?
If a Job Poster cancels the task once you’ve already started work (e.g. you’ve already started shopping in the store at Coles), you’ll still get paid for the delivery part of the task.
What if a Job Poster cancels your task before I’ve started the task?
If a Job Poster cancels the task before you’ve commenced work (e.g. started shopping in-store at Coles), you won’t be able to be paid for the task.
What if the Job Poster doesn't respond to messages?
If there’s a missing item it’s best to always check with the Job Poster on how you should handle this before you go shopping. If they’re not responding, you should use your best judgement to make a replacement.
What if the Coles store is closed?
Before making an offer, please check to see the closing time of the Coles store you’re thinking of shopping at and chat with the Job Poster about this in the comments.
How can I contact support?
For Coles related shopping tasks, get in touch with us at
For general Airtasker questions not relating to ‘Coles Shop and Deliver’ tasks please let us know at
Are the expenses/grocery budget funds in Coles tasks considered taxable income?
Any funds you receive from work performed on Airtasker is assessable income for tax purposes.In respect to the funds provided by the poster to purchase the groceries from Coles you should record them as income but importantly you can also claim a taxable deduction for the payment required to purchase those items.

In addition, you should be aware that other costs incurred in travelling to purchase these times (e.g. Petrol, wear & tear on vehicle) could also be deductible with the appropriate record keeping. Airtasker is not licensed to provide personal taxation advice and you should seek independent personal and professional advice and not rely solely on the general nature of the advice provider by Airtasker. More information on tax-related record keeping see What record keeping should I be doing? 

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