What are referrals? How do they work?

When you become a member of Airtasker you get your own unique referral code to share with friends and family. If someone signs up using your code, they’ll get 25 credits (in the local currency) towards their first task. And once their task is completed, you’ll get 10 credits yourself!

The easiest way to share the code is on your social media accounts. That way you have the best chance of spreading the Airtasker love (and credit) to people you know.

Although the code doesn't expire, it can only be used by a maximum of 15 people, so do keep that in mind. If you're having trouble with any referral matters, check out our helpful article here.

How does this work if I have been referred?

If you've signed up using someone's referral code, you'll get the 25 added to your account to use on your first task (to the value of 50 or more in your local currency). This will be automatically added to your account and automatically applied when you assign your first task. 

For any issues with referrals, see our helpful article here.

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