What is Roobyx income protection insurance and how does it work with Airtasker?

Income protection insurance helps you by covering your lost income if you’re injured and no longer able to complete tasks. This’ll help give you that extra peace of mind when you earn money through Airtasker - it’s time to enjoy your flexible work lifestyle!

On Airtasker this income protection insurance is provided by Roobyx.

As no two weeks are the same, your premium is charged out on a weekly basis, so its ‘pay as you go’. And because you only pay at the end of the week, if you didn’t earn as much that week then your premium may be less. 

At the end of the week, your premium will be deducted from the credit card that you provided to Roobyx. So you know, Roobyx does charge a small admin fee that gets added to the premium.

It’s worth remembering, your waiting period the time you selected before benefits are paid to you in the event of a claim. Please make sure you are happy with the waiting period you select. It’s also important to check your policy to review the terms and conditions.

Your policy will last for 12 months and Roobyx will get in touch directly to renew it - but you can cancel whenever you need. Get in contact with Roobyx directly at or 1800 766 299 to chat about your options. 

Please be aware that Roobyx does charge a small admin fee which gets added to the premium you pay. The admin fee is $1.50 per week ($1.65 incl. GST) to cover Roobyx’s basic admin costs.

If you want to know more about how the insurance product works, please take a look at the Roobyx information page. 

The income protection insurance provided by Roobyx is backed by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s. It’s administered by authority granted to YourCover Pty Ltd. Roobyx is a trading name of YourCover Pty Ltd, which holds an Australian Financial Services Licence. This allows them to operate as an Insurance Underwriting Agency.


Content above has been provided by Roobyx, a trading name of YourCover Pty Ltd (Australian Financial Services Licence AFSL 461299)

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