What are badges? How can I get them?

Badges are a type of verification given to members when they help us confirm who they are. There’s a whole range of different badges available ranging from ID Badges, Licence Badges and Partner Badges.




ID Badges cover mobile number, payment details, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter accounts. You can also get specific badges such as a Police Check Badge, CommBank Identified and Digital iD Badge.

Licence Badges show off your qualifications. They let people know you are a qualified trades person. We are busy adding more trades badges, currently you can apply for the Electrical Badge, Plumbing Badge or Gas Fitting Badge.

Partnership Badges are special campaigns with other companies. Apply for these badges and fulfil their criteria so you can offer on and compete for tasks with that requirement. Currently we have the IKEA Badge for furniture assembly and the Coles Badge for grocery delivery. 


These badges are great for all Airtasker members. Not only does it help members trust that you are who you say, they also help your offer or task stand out. The more members with badges we have, the more trusted and confident everyone feels!

Add badges to your profile today through the Verifications in your account settings. Once you pick what Badge you want to add, it will take you through the next steps.

Learn more about badges in the blog.

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