I’ve been given a referral coupon by someone, how do I use it?

Welcome to Airtasker!

Your $25 coupon will be automatically applied when you accept an offer on your first task*.

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*The Referral Coupon may be used in the purchase of a Task on the Airtasker Platform. The Referred Member must become an Airtasker User and agree to the Airtasker Terms & Conditions. Minimum Task value to receive the benefit conferred by the Referral Coupon is $50. Limit of one Referral Coupon per User & valid only for the first Task Contract created by the Referred Member. Cannot be used with any other coupon or Airtasker promotion. Referral Coupons are valid for at least 30 days from issue and Airtasker may change or cancel the terms of the Referral Coupon at any time on 30 days' notice.

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