How do I get paid?

After you've made an offer, been assigned by a Poster and completed the task, its time to get paid! But how?

All payments on Airtasker go through our secure escrow payment system called Airtasker Pay. Here's how a payment gets to you:

  1. A Poster assigns you to their task.
  2. Payment is taken from their card and held in escrow in our system.
  3. You complete the task.
  4. You click the green Request payment button.
  5. The Poster clicks release payment from their side.
  6. The payment starts its journey to you, arriving in your nominated account in 3-5 business days.
Important note: Posters can only release payment if you have clicked the green Request payment button. Please make sure you've done this when you finish a task!

If the Poster hasn't released payment yet, Airtasker has a process that can help. Head to this article here for more information. 

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