What is tiered pricing?

We’re about to launch an exciting new fee structure called “tiered pricing”. In a nutshell, the structure will see that the more you earn through Airtasker, the less you pay in fees. We figure it’s a fair way to reward people doing the bulk of their work through Airtasker.

Tiered pricing means that the service fee is no longer a set percentage – instead, it has 4 levels (or “tiers”) that lower the service fee amount as you reach them.

We’re talking about a substantial decrease in fees here – the highest rate remains the same at 20% (including GST) but the lowest rate will decrease to 10% – that’s a whopping 50% reduction in fees and a 10% increase in your take-home pay.

For more information about the service fee in general, please see our FAQ here.

This article will go into detail about tiered pricing. It answers the following FAQs:


How many tiers are there?

There are 4 tiers. You’ll start at Bronze, advance to Silver, then to Gold, and ultimately could reach Platinum. You can see the rates and levels below.


How does the calculation work?

The tier you belong to is based on how much you’ve earned over the previous 30 days.

Every time a Poster releases payment to you, the amount is added to your total earnings and will count towards your tier for the next 30 days.

When you make an offer, we’ll also add that offer amount to your tier to see if you’d move up (and therefore get the lower fee) by completing this task. If you then win this task, the new tier you reached (and the lowered service fee)  will then apply for the rest of that task, including any price increases and bonuses.

What does tiered pricing mean for me?

For most people, this will mean a significant decrease in your service fee and an increase in your take-home pay.

Will I be disadvantaged as a part-time Tasker?

Our research shows that by far the most important factor to win a task is how fast you make an offer and the quality of your reputation. Reputation quality is influenced by your star ratings, completion rate and the professionalism of the offer made. Because all of these things are within your control as a part-time Tasker, the changes to the pricing shouldn’t affect the way you use Airtasker.

When is Airtasker launching tiered pricing?

Tiered pricing will launch in early March. On launch day, a Tasker's earnings from the prior 30 days prior will apply on Day 1. This means you may start on a higher tier (with lower fees).

Where can I find what tier I am?

You can see your tier and current earnings in the Make an offer screen of each task. Each offer you make will show your potential tier and fee rate if you were to win the task, so this is the best place to check.

Can other people see my tier?

No - your tier is private and only viewable to you. Other members (both Posters and Taskers) won’t be able to see your tier or your current earnings. 

Why is Airtasker changing the fee structure?

You may be aware of the recent changes we made for discounted fees on high-value tasks. Although these were received well by Taskers completing these types of tasks, it didn’t help those Taskers who were doing a large number of smaller value tasks. To try and make sure it’s fair for both groups, we’re applying discounted fees on total earnings instead of earnings for a single task.

More broadly, one of the biggest challenges we face running a growing technology platform is to understand how best to invest our resources. All fees get reinvested straight into the business so that there are more and more tasks to be won and so that we can continue to improve the customer experience for Taskers and Posters.

We have big ambitions for this in 2019 which requires significant investment in our engineering, marketing, design and support teams. We have actually spent much, much more in building and growing the marketplace to provide more jobs for Taskers than we have received in fees, with the difference coming from external investors.

How does this affect Airtasker’s financials?

This tiered pricing will actually decrease Airtasker’s total revenue (even after accounting for the recent decreases to pricing for high-value tasks). We’ve deliberately made the decision to lower our fee rate because we want to invest in you, our Tasker community, to make sure that Airtasker is the best platform for you to find work.

Are there going to be more changes?

We’re constantly evaluating how our fees are structured to make sure that they’re fair to everyone – Taskers and Posters alike. Please feel free to reach out to if you have any feedback or suggestions.


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