Everything Taskers should know about making an offer

Understanding the offer making process will help you get assigned to more tasks and make more money! To make this as easy as possible, we’ve created this handy guide with everything you need to know about making an offer.

Here’s what you’ll find here:

How do I make an offer?

When you find a task that you want to do, click the Make an Offer and enter your offered price. You will also be prompted to add a description of maximum 1500 characters, to let the Poster know why you’re the best for their task.

What’s a good offer?

A good offer is one that is in line with our Community Guidelines and reflects the total amount you’re willing to receive for the task. Your offer should include all costs you will incur while undertaking the task, with the exception of tip fees, material costs and purchases made on behalf of the Poster. If you incur costs relating to your journey (petrol and tolls) or the maintenance of your equipment, factor that into your offer amount. See more information here.

How can I see all the offers I have made?

A list of all your offers on open tasks can be seen by navigating to the Pending Offers tab when you’re looking in the My Tasks section. If a task has expired or been assigned or cancelled, you won’t be able to view your offer. For more information see here

How can I change my offer?

If your offer hasn’t been accepted, you’re able to update or withdraw it. Both of these buttons will be visible on the specific task next to your offer.

Should I offer on tasks I have been recommended for?

Being recommended means a Poster has requested that you make them an offer on their task. They’re interested in having you complete the task, so it’s definitely good to make an offer. Check out our article here for more background on recommendations. 

Can I negotiate my offer privately with the Poster?

Airtasker only allows private communication after the task has been assigned. This is for everyone’s privacy and security, as outlined in the Community Guidelines. Utilise the public comments section to discuss your offer and what it includes, or to ask more questions about the task.

Is there anything I should watch out for when making an offer?

Keep an eye out for suspicious tasks and activity when you’re making offers on tasks. We’d encourage you to read our comprehensive guide here to best protect yourself on the platform.

My offer has been accepted, what next?

When you’re assigned, the payment is taken from the Poster’s account and placed in escrow while the task is ongoing. If there is a banner on the task telling you the payment is processing, don’t start the task yet - wait for the payment to clear.

Also when you’ve been assigned, the private messaging feature will be enabled and you can start discussing the finer details of the task together.

You can find more detailed answers to these questions and more in our specialised section here.

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