How should I decide what price to offer?

A good offer is one that is in line with our Community Guidelines and reflects the total amount you’re willing to receive for the task.

To be supported on Airtasker, your offer must be totalled to the full amount per task. Offers must not be hourly, unit or quote based. Partial offers are also not supported, where further negotiation occurs outside of Airtasker, or where you make an offer to complete only part of the task.

Although offers must be for the whole task amount, we do allow very specific exceptions. These are:

  • Tip fees: the cost of disposing of items at a legal waste station.
  • Materials: the cost of buying material to complete the task, where the Poster keeps the material and end product after the task is complete. E.g. wood for building a shelf, fabric for making a costume.
  • Items bought on Poster’s behalf: the cost of buying items that the Poster keeps after the task is complete. E.g. groceries and shopping.

If agreed beforehand, a Poster can reimburse you directly for these costs, after seeing a copy of the receipt/s.

You may NOT exclude travel costs (like petrol or transport tickets) or equipment costs (where you keep the item after the task).

It’s important that you’re transparent about your offer from the start, as this helps build trust and creates better experiences for all members.

When you make an offer, be detailed in your comment about why you have offered that amount. 

Things to ask yourself when deciding on what price to offer:

  • How far away is the task? Will I need to offer a higher price to cover my travel costs?
  • Does my offer reflect the total amount I’m happy to receive for doing the task?
  • Will I incur any costs on behalf of the Poster? Are any of my costs exceptions?
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