How far ahead can I schedule a task?

You can currently only post tasks up to one month in advance. We suggest posting your task closer to your due date, because it can be hard for Taskers to commit too far into the future, and circumstances can often change between now and then. 

If you'd still like to post a future task now, we'd recommend choosing a date as close to your actual due date as possible, and then clearly specifying your intended date in the task description. You can also choose to discuss the exact date you need something done by leaving a comment for potential Taskers. 

After you assign a Tasker, you'll be able to reschedule the due date to your desired date. Please remember that task payment is deducted from your account and held securely in Airtasker Pay as soon as you assign a Tasker.

You can learn more about how to reschedule a task after it's been assigned, in our handy article here.

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