Airtasker Badges

Badges help to build trust in the Airtasker community and provides Posters with additional information when deciding who to work with on a task. When specific requirements are met, a badge is shown on a member’s profile.

At the moment, Airtasker UK has badge options available for a member to verify their ID. This is our way of showing that members are who they say they are. 

Please note that the Badges are issued based on a point in time check which means results only reflect relevant records on the date that the verification was completed. As a Poster you can hover over the badge to see the verification date.

For further details on verification and Badges see also Section 10 of Airtasker's Terms & Conditions.

Here are the badges available right now: 

ID Verification


The UK ID verification badge confirms that a member's identity has been confirmed with our partners at Onfido.

The following details are verified:

  • Name, address and date of birth.
  • Matched to the UK Voting Register, Telephone Directory or Credit Register

Learn more and apply here

 Payment method


A member has added a payment method to their account.

Please note that this represents that a payment method has been added. It does not indicate that payment credentials are verified.

Add a payment method here

Mobile number 


Members are able to link their Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter account to Airtasker.

Members are required to log into their social accounts to add the badge(s) however no account details are retrieved/verified.

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Safety Tips for Posters

Safety Tips for Taskers

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