Airtasker Badges

Badges help to build trust in the Airtasker community and provides Posters with additional information when deciding who to work with on a task. When specific requirements are met, a badge is shown on a member’s profile.

At the moment, Airtasker UK has badge options available for a member to verify their ID. This is our way of showing that members are who they say they are. 

For further details on verification and Badges see also Section 10 of Airtasker's Terms & Conditions.

Here are the badges available right now: 

ID Verification


The UK ID verification badge confirms that a member's identity has been confirmed with our partners at Onfido.

The following details are verified:

  • Name, address and date of birth.
  • Matched to the UK Voting Register, Telephone Directory or Credit Register

Learn more and apply here

 Payment method


A member has added a payment method to their account.

Please note that this represents that a payment method has been added. It does not indicate that payment credentials are verified.

Add a payment method here

Mobile number 


Members are able to link their Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter account to Airtasker.

Members are required to log into their social accounts to add the badge(s) however no account details are retrieved/verified.

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Safety Tips for Posters

Safety Tips for Taskers

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