Airtasker’s dispute process: Stage 1 - Reach out to the Tasker



What do I need to do?


  • Give honest feedback about why the task wasn’t completed to your requirements
  • Try to resolve your differences with the Tasker before Airtasker Support can help. We may need to ask for evidence that you’ve tried before starting the dispute process.


What will happen?


  • The Tasker might give you feedback on why the task wasn’t completed to your expectations.
  • You can suggest a new payment amount that you think is fair for the work they've done, taking into account their time and effort.


Tips for success


  • Please give the Tasker another opportunity to complete the task to your needs.
  • Check your task description - have they done everything you’ve written? If there’s something they haven’t, let them know.
  • Consider what they can do to help you be satisfied in releasing payment.


How long will this take?


  • Please try for at least 48 hours to resolve your differences with the Tasker. Airtasker won’t be able to assist you until this timeframe has passed.


If this doesn’t work, what happens next?


  • Try to talk to the Tasker as much as you can about what's happened and try to come to your own solution. If 48 hours passes and you haven't come to an agreement, you can start the dispute process by contacting Airtasker Support.
  • If there's a trust or safety concern and you don’t feel comfortable dealing with the Tasker, please let us know.
  • Please contact us here to begin the dispute process. 
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