What should I do in the dispute process?


We understand that being in a dispute can be stressful. To make things a bit simpler, Airtasker offers a free dispute service to help both Taskers and Posters. This process helps you negotiate more effectively so you come to your own resolution with the Tasker.

Airtasker will help you by facilitating the communication between you and the Tasker.  This is why your staying involved and working with us is really important to the dispute process.

For the dispute process to be successful, you may also be asked to send over more information. This could include supporting documentation (including evidence of why the task wasn’t completed). If you’re asked for any, please make sure you send us this information.

Please know that we consider treating others with respect as absolutely essential on Airtasker. Inappropriate actions or behaviour during the dispute process isn't tolerated.

For example, this could include:

- Breaching any Community Guidelines.

- Acting in a threatening or abusive way to Airtasker Staff or a Community member.

- Stalling or uncooperative behaviour during the dispute process.

If you choose to act in this way, regardless of the origin of the dispute, the dispute process won't continue. The task payment may then be paid out to the Tasker.

We do this because common decency and productive behaviour are the foundations on which Airtasker was built. We’ve found that the best results come from mutual respect. So let’s work together to make sure that your outcome is fair, equal and benefits everybody.

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