How do coupons work on Airtasker?

Coupons are unique codes that give you a discount on tasks posted on Airtasker. Coupons can be distributed in a number of ways, including as part of promotions, or as prizes for competitions on our Facebook page.

Coupons have specific requirements that need to be met so you can redeem their value. Check for the following:

  • Expiry: a coupon cannot be redeemed or replaced after this date.
  • Minimum Value: you’ll only be able to use it on a task of or above a certain amount.

If the requirements are met and your coupon is valid, you can use it for a discount on a task. You can pay any extra amount on the task with the saved payment method on your account.

Please keep in mind that you can only use one coupon per task.

Coupons are redeemed when you accept an offer on a task. On the payment screen before you assign a Tasker, there will be a button that says Add a coupon under your payment method. Enter your code here before clicking assign. Check out an example below:

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