How do coupons work?

There are two types of coupons. Those that require a minimum task value and those that don't.

Either way, a coupon can be redeemed when accepting an offer by adding the coupon code when assigning the task in the "Add Coupon" area.

You’ll need to add the coupon code and apply it to the task before clicking Accept and Assign

For coupon's with a minimum task value, you will have to make sure the task value is equal to or greater than the minimum task value. The minimum task value will have been communicated when you received the coupon. If you have questions, get in touch with us using the link below. 

All coupons have an expiry date communicated to you at the time of issuing the coupon. If the coupon is not used prior to the expiry date, it will not longer be of value.

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