Subcontracting (Job Poster's perspective)

When you accept a Tasker offer on your task, they must be the person who completes the task.

Why? If the individual/s asked to help with the task don't have an Airtasker account, Airtasker Insurance will not apply. Please read more about how Airtasker Insurance works.

If the Tasker has arranged for other people to help with your task, we recommend that you check their identity and confirm with the Tasker originally assigned that the individuals helping are registered on Airtasker.

If you need more than one Airtasker to complete your task, you’re able to post a project based task. On a project task you can request 2-50 Taskers to complete your task e.g. multiple waiters/bar staff required for a party. It’s easy to manage all offers and comments on the one project task rather than separate tasks.

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