Are there any account guidelines?

Now that you understand a little more about Airtasker, we have some important information regarding accounts.

7.1 No account transfers

Your account is your responsibility and you must maintain control of it. It must not be transferred to another person as your account and reviews reflect your skills and abilities. This is crucial in enabling other members to make informed decisions about working with you. This also helps to maintain the integrity, transparency and authenticity of our community.

7.2 No duplicate accounts

Members may only have a single, active account on the platform. As your account reflects your reputation in the marketplace and represents your skills and abilities, any duplicate accounts attempting to disguise a member's history will be removed immediately.

A single account allows you to post tasks as a Poster and make offers as a Tasker. If you're looking to switch between being a Poster and Tasker, you do not need to create a second account.

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