What should I do if things don't go to plan?

Services aren’t simple, and rarely ever the same. People have different expectations of how services should be carried out and sometimes people can simply make mistakes. On rare occasions, there may be issues you may run into where you aren’t happy with the outcome of the service provided by the Tasker that you have chosen.

In these instances parties usually come to a mutual agreement, however in some circumstances there might be a disagreement about what should happen next.

In these cases, it helps when you, as a Poster, have described the task scope clearly and with sufficient details. The comments and private messages on the Airtasker platform between the members also help to define what has been agreed between the parties so we encourage you to record this via messaging on the platform and be as specific as possible in your communications regarding the task.

Please keep in mind that the Tasker selected by the Poster is an independent contractor engaged under a Task Contract directly with the Poster via the platform. Taskers are not our employees, therefore Airtasker does not control how they undergo their work nor the quality that is delivered by them. However the Airtasker Support Team is here to assist you where they can in resolving a disagreement with the other member.

So what happens if there’s an issue or disagreement regarding a task that is currently being completed?


Make a sincere effort to resolve directly with the other member (required & recommended).

You must first try to resolve the matter with the other party directly. This is the fastest way to resolve a dispute. Most issues are usually resolved this way. By having an open discussion and working it out reasonably, it saves both parties time and effort involved in having to escalate the matter further

  • Example 1: Peter is a cleaner selected by Sarah via Airtasker. When Peter performed the assigned cleaning task, Sarah found that the house was not cleaned to her requirements. She had made sure that her requirements were clearly documented in her task description and also in instructions provided to Peter via comments and private messages on the Airtasker platform . She also had witnesses and photographic proof of the incomplete work. Peter also provided photos of the areas that he did clean. After openly discussing the matter, Sarah and Peter agreed to adjust payment to 75% of the Task Price taking into account the incomplete portion of the task. Both parties agreed to the fair compromise and the matter is settled amicably. They contacted Airtasker to request the Task Price adjustment and Peter received payment for the task to cover the portion of work completed by him whilst Sarah received a partial refund.




Mediation with support from Airtasker.

If an amicable solution is not reached, an Airtasker mediation specialist can assist as a neutral party.

They will work together with both parties and aim to facilitate a reasonable outcome for all involved.

We appreciate your cooperation to work through the mediation process as Airtasker is here to help, but both parties need to actively support the process too. This will provide the best opportunity to reach an agreeable outcome.

To begin the mediation process please contact us here.

Some examples of reasonable outcomes via the mediation process:

  • Example 2: Grant was selected by Sam to complete a gardening task. The task took longer than Grant expected and he assumed that Sam was going to pay more for the work. However Sam was not around so Grant did not get agreement before staying longer to complete the work. When Grant requested additional payment, Sam declined on the basis that the additional work was not approved in advance. They decided to ask for mediation assistance by contacting Airtasker. After reviewing the matter and seeing that there was no documented agreement in Airtasker private messages between the two parties on additional payment, it was recommended that no extra payment should be made by Sam to Grant. Grant was advised to obtain confirmation from the other party if additional payment is expected.
  • Example 3: Sophie assigned a task to Mike for handyman work but had to cancel the task due to a personal emergency. Unfortunately Mike was not notified in time and was already waiting at the property where the work was to be completed. Mike requested partial payment to cover the time and petrol spent in travelling to the task. Sophie declined as this was not agreed in advance. Mediation assistance was requested by both parties by contacting Airtasker. After reviewing the matter and determining that there was no documented prior agreement between the two parties on the Airtasker platform regarding these type of costs, it was recommended that no payment should be made.



Arbitration via external provider (costs involved). 

If the recommended outcome from mediation is not accepted by both parties, the next step would be arbitration at your own cost. Please note that the costs associated with arbitration could exceed the value of the task, so it’s in the interest of all parties that we sort it out amicably before getting to this stage.

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