What if I need more than one Tasker?

Tasks can get big and complex sometimes, and you need more than one set of hands to help. In cases like these, you can create project tasks, that can be assigned to multiple people. Projects allow you to post a task for up to 20 people.

This is a great feature for tasks where you need the help of more than one person, like for focus groups and product testing, catering, flyer drops and mystery shopping. It's also good for larger scale tasks like office moving and events.

Please note project tasks are only available through the app. 

In order to post a project task, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the app and start creating your task through the Post a Task option.
  2. Fill out what needs to be done, where and when.
  3. When you get to the budget screen, enter how many Taskers you require. The budget you set in this screen will be the price for each individual Tasker, not the whole project.
  4. Post the task! 


When you start getting offers on your project task, review them and assign as per regular tasks. If you need help deciding who to assign, see our helpful tips here.

A subtask will be created when you assign each Tasker, so you can communicate with each of them privately. The project will remain visible on the platform until all the spots have been assigned, or once the due date has passed.

Project task FAQ

  • How do I pay for project tasks?

Payment will be taken as normal for each subtask in a project. When you assign a Tasker to a spot, the payment for their part in the project will be debited from your card and held securely in Airtasker Pay while the task is ongoing.

When you're ready to release payment, you'll need to do it on each individual subtask. 

  • Can I communicate with all my Taskers at once?

Unfortunately not. When you're assigning, a subtask is created for each Tasker and these are essentially a regular stand-alone task. We do not have the function to create a group discussion within the project. 

  • Can subtasks be cancelled?

If something doesn't quite go to plan, individual subtasks can be cancelled without it affecting the rest of the project. The cancellation process is the same as for regular tasks.

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