I posted my task, what's next?

Once you’ve created a task that you need done and hit Post task, it’ll be made public in Browse tasks so that Taskers can see it. 
Then Taskers interested in your task will ask questions on there (if they need a little more detail), or jump straight into making you an offer to do it for you. The price may change a little from your initial suggested price – Taskers will make you offers for what they think the task is worth and will state what they’ll do for that price so that everyone is clear about what’s happening.
Feel free to answer as many questions as you like, or add more detail to the task description itself if you think it needs it.
When you see an offer from a Tasker that you like the look of (click on their name to see their profile, reviews, badges etc), select Accept offer.
If you haven’t entered your credit/debit card details, we’ll ask you to do so now. Payments are handled by our secure third-party payment provider Stripe (internationally recognised and globally relied upon). 
You’ll then be asked to add payment. Payment for the task will then be deducted from your account we’ll hold it secure while the task gets completed. You’ll stay in full control of the payment, and you choose when to release it to the Tasker (once you’re satisfied that the task is complete).
With payment sorted and a Tasker assigned to your task, all you need to do then is privately message them with any remaining details! 
And that’s how you go about getting more done. slightly smiling face 
Happy tasking!


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