I'm doing tasks. What are some safety tips I should follow?

We take your safety extremely seriously at Airtasker. We’re passionate about building a trusted community of members while helping to create positive experiences for our Taskers using the platform to earn money on tasks.

It’s important to remember that using Airtasker to work on tasks means you are transacting with another member on the platform. As Airtasker is a reputation based open marketplace, we have created some useful tools to help you make your offer count when bidding on tasks and showcasing your skills and experience. In addition, we recommend members should always keep the Community Guidelines in mind while interacting on the platform.

If you ever feel uncomfortable with another member at any time, you should let us know.  Your concerns will be taken seriously and handled with confidentiality. If at any time you feel in danger, call your local emergency line.

Our Trust and Safety team have also put together a list of the steps you can take while on Airtasker to help you make informed choices and be aware of the measures and features in place to support you.

Below you will find safety tips for every step of the task process: 

When you’ve commented on a new task

As newly posted tasks are publicly visible to the entire Airtasker Community, it’s important not to disclose any personal information in offers or comments. For your safety and security, don’t post things like your business name, contact details, social media accounts or 3rd party website links in any comments.

You can have private conversations via the Airtasker private messaging feature after you have been assigned.

When you’re making an offer

Try to be as specific as possible when you communicate with Posters about the task. This helps Posters to understand the skills you have to offer and narrow down the scope of what needs to be done.  

We highly recommend looking through the profiles of Posters to check out their reviews, completion rate and any verification badges they might have to show their past experiences and reliability as a user of the platform.

When you’re assigned a task

Great news, you’ve been assigned and payment is being securely held in Airtasker Pay! At this time, our fraud protection team run verification checks on a Poster’s credit card. If a check is being run on your task, hold tight while we work to ensure the funds are secured before you start to work.  

If you’ve discussed more with the Poster and mutually agree that more funds might be needed to complete the work, you can request to securely top up the task funds at any stage by using the Increase Price function. Made a mistake and need to decrease the price? Simply reach out to our support team and we'll help you sort it out! Try to communicate through Airtasker private messaging – that way, if anything misunderstandings or issues arise, it’s all there in writing.

Before work begins

Help a Poster feel more confidence and trust in you by showing them your ID before commencing the task. If a trade related task is being done, now's the perfect time to provide a copy of your trade licence ID via the Private Messages.  

If you feel there’s any potential concerns regarding safety of tasks that a Poster may not be aware of, let them know by communicating this clearly in the Private Messages. To protect yourself while tasking, please make sure you're aware of all relevant licenses or safety requirements (ie: Dial before you Dig or checking for wires overhead) prior to commencing work.

While the task is in progress

If you find there is a serious risk to your health or safety, you should notify the Poster of your concerns as soon as possible and advise why you believe it's unsafe to continue. If immediate danger is present, please take every precaution to remove yourself and others from danger and alert the relevant authorities. Dial your local emergency number if in need.

Remember that your payment is secure with Airtasker Pay and it’s best to request payment from the Poster only after you can be sure that they are fully satisfied that the task is complete to all requirements. If you are ever in a situation where a Poster is not satisfied with the job, try to work with them to sort it out first. If you can’t come to a resolution, you can always contact us for support and advice.

When the task is completed

If the Poster is not available in person to check the task when you’ve completed work, feel free send clear photos of what you’ve done through Airtasker Private Messaging. Allow Posters time to assess and ask them when you can expect confirmation. Once the Poster feels satisfied that task is complete and have released payment, the funds will be released from Airtasker Pay and sent directly to your nominated bank account.

After you’ve closed the task

Payment has been released and the task is done! Time to leave a review on your experience working with the Poster. Unsure what to say? You've got 14 days after the task has closed to submit your review. It's important for other members of the community to see your genuine feedback so they can also feel confident offering to work with the Poster. If in doubt, take a look at the Review Guidelines and let us know if you need more help.


Find more Trust and Safety resources for Taskers in our Help Centre by clicking here.


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