How do I cancel a task?

Here at Airtasker, we're committed to helping communities help each other. As you’re probably aware, cancelling tasks once assigned doesn’t promote the best environment for other people in the Airtasker Community. We understand that circumstances can change and sometimes the task can’t go ahead and you may need to cancel.

Before making this decision, we strongly encourage you to see if there's another way to get this task done. For example, did you know you can change the time and date of the task by rescheduling it  or increase the task price, which might help avoid the cancellation.

If you absolutely must continue with the cancellation, here are some important things to consider:

  •  The impact to your reputation as a reliable Airtasker member
    • Cancellations will negatively impact your profile within the community as a reliable, trustworthy individual. This is reflected in your Completion Rate. A low Completion Rate means you’re less likely to receive quality offers on tasks you post or may make it more difficult to get selected to complete a task that has competing offers.
  •  Limitation or deactivation of your Airtasker profile
    • Repeatedly cancelling tasks can result in your Airtasker account being limited temporarily (include link to restriction table).
    • In extreme cases of high cancellation rates your account may be permanently removed from the platform.
  • No secure payment or access to Airtasker Support
    • Only tasks that are completed through the Airtasker platform can benefit from key services such as our secure payments process (that ensures trusted handling of payments) or benefit from the expertise of the Airtasker Support team if you have any issues.
  • Airtasker Insurance will not be valid
    • Tasks not completed through the platform are not covered by Airtasker Insurance
    • This means if something were to go wrong on the task, you would be liable for any costs or damages incurred.
  • Charged a fee for cancellation processing
    • Cancellations create an administrative overhead for the community. As such a fee of 10% of the task payment (to a max of £20) fee may be applied when processing cancellations.
    • This fee will need to be paid by the Airtasker member responsible for the cancellation. For example, if the Job Poster no longer wishes to proceed with the task, the will need cover the fee. If an Airtasker stops responding to messages and they haven’t started the task, they will be responsible for the cancellation fee.

The following table shows examples of who will be responsible for task cancellation fee:

Cancellation scenario Member to pay fee
Airtasker Worker stops responding to private messages after being assigned to a task Airtasker Worker
Job Poster no longer needs the task to be completed Job Poster
Airtasker Worker didn’t show up to complete the task Airtasker Worker
Job Poster stopped responding to messages Job Poster


To cancel a task on Airtasker please follow the steps below:

Log into Airtasker

  1. Go to My Tasks

  2. Select the task

  3. Select ‘More Options’

  4. Select ‘Cancel Task’

You will then be guided through cancelling the task. Once the cancellation is complete, the task refund will be processed.

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