How do I know how much to pay for a task?

When you post a task, we ask you to set a budget to indicate how much you would like to spend. This amount is simply a starting point and from here, Airtaskers will make an offer on your task for an amount that they believe reflects the time, skill and work required to get your task completed.  

We have laid out an indication of pricing for a number of task groups and you can click on each heading to get a view of existing tasks and their price. 

Handyman & tradesmen tasks

Basic: from£19/hr Skilled: from £33/hr Professional: from £40/hr
No specialist skills required
Basic tools e.g. hammer and screwdriver
Some skill required e.g. basic certification
Power tools e.g. sander and drill
Qualified skills e.g. current certificate in the discipline required for the task
Specific tools e.g. Drop saw and nail guns


Delivery & removals

Small item: from £19/hr Larger item: from £45/hr Moving: from £68/hr
Easy to carry e.g. flowers and chocolates
Suitable for foot/ public transportation
Car may be required and price per km should be considered
In a large box or package e.g. IKEA furniture
Car required and price per km should be considered
Furniture and heavy items e.g. Fridge or lounge
Truck or van required



Routine clean: from £14/hr Deeper clean: from£20/hr Spring clean: from £28/hr
Weekly clean e.g. vacuum house and wipe surfaces
Supplies provided
Thorough clean e.g. skirting boards and windows
Most supplied provided
 Major clean e.g. sorting wardrobes and pantries
Specialist tools required



General maintenance: from£17/hr  Weeding and mowing: from£17/hr Specialist gardening & landscaping: from £29/hr
Light gardening e.g. watering plants
Tools provided
 Moderate amount of labour e.g. planting and pruning
Some equipment required
 Heavy labour e.g. mulching and removing trees
Specialist tools required


Design & photography

Basic design: from£18/hr Photography and graphics: from£30/hr Design projects: from£40/hr
Simple tweaks e.g. photoshop
Basic design knowledge
Photoshoot or branding design
Some equipment required
 Multiple day project
Specialist skills/ equipment


Furniture Assembly

Simple: from£20/hr Small item: from£28/hr Medium item: from£42/hr Large item: from£56/hr
Office chairs
Coat or hat rack
Simple table
TV bench
Bedside tables
Single bed assembly
Chest of drawers
Bunk bed assembly
Wardrobe system assembly



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