Task information: Alcohol related tasks

From time to time we see alcohol-related tasks posted on Airtasker. These tasks are allowed on the platform, however, it’s important that you’re aware of relevant legislation, if you’re doing these tasks.

The below information is relevant to United Kingdom. If you are outside of this area, please ensure you're aware of and abiding by the local laws and regulations.

It is against the law:

  • To sell alcohol to someone under 18 anywhere.
  • For an adult to buy or attempt to buy alcohol on behalf of someone under 18. (Retailers can reserve the right to refuse the sale of alcohol to an adult if they’re accompanied by a child and think the alcohol is being bought for the child.) 
  • For someone under 18 to buy alcohol, attempt to buy alcohol or to be sold alcohol.
  • For someone under 18 to drink alcohol in licensed premises, except where the child is 16 or 17 years old and accompanied by an adult. In this case it is legal for them to drink, but not buy, beer, wine and cider with a table meal.
  • For an adult to buy alcohol for someone under 18 for consumption on licensed premises, except as above.
  • To give children alcohol if they are under five.

If you think you may be in breach of any of the above laws, or at risk or being in breach, please contact us at

As with all tasks on the Airtasker platform, when completing alcohol supply-based tasks, it’s your responsibility to ensure you have the necessary qualifications and comply with all relevant legislation.  


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