How do I leave a review?

Reviews provide a great reference for the rest of the community, and are essential to building trust and transparency on Airtasker.

After a task is completed and payment is released, leave a review by following these steps:

  1. Log in to  your Airtasker account
  2. Go to My Tasks
  3. Select the task
  4. Press Leave a review
  5. Choose a star rating and write your review.
  6. Once done, click on Send

Both Posters and Taskers have 14 days after the closing of a task to leave a review. To keep it fair, reviews stay hidden until either both sides have left a review, or until 14 days have passed. Reviews are then published at the same time. 

It’s essential to leave an honest and fair review of your experiences. That way all members can get a true impression when making their own decisions to work with others. 

In a nutshell: if everything went well, say so! If it didn’t go as you hoped, leave constructive feedback so the other member can know what to do better in the future.

Keep in mind that all reviews should follow Airtasker’s Review Guidelines. We won’t moderate or change any reviews (it would be dishonest to change someone’s words), however we will delete a review if it violates our guidelines.

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