When should I release payment?

The best time to release payment is when the Tasker has completed your task and you’re happy with the end result.

When making the decision to release the payment, use the following checklist:

Is the task completed to the description?

Example: For cleaning tasks, was the Tasker able to complete everything included in your description? Tick off any must-haves or checklists that you had.

Are you happy with the result of the task?

Example: For logo creation tasks, were you satisfied with the logo created by the Tasker? The task is finished when there’s no need for further revision.

Are you satisfied with the quality of work?

Example: For lawn mowing tasks, have you checked that all the areas in your description have been mown? Inspect the work before you release payment. 


We suggest to only release payment after you've inspected the task and confirmed it's completed to your requirements.

If you're not ready to release the payment for any reason, try communicating with the Tasker to let them know your feedback. We have a dispute resolution service to assist if you can't come to a resolution about the task completion or payment. 

Remember: once payment has been released, it is transferred into the Tasker's bank account and is no longer held securely in Airtasker Pay. After this time we are unable to help retrieve any funds.

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