Everything to consider when cancelling a task

In uncommon situations, issues can arise that may make you want to discontinue the task. If you do find yourself wishing to cancel a task, there are some important things to remember. This article will take you through the things you should consider before you cancel a task.

Here you will find information on:

What to do if work on the task has already started

If work has begun on the task (making it partially completed), the Tasker may be entitled to some payment in recognition of their time and effort.

In cases like these, we recommend discussing a partial payment amount with the other member. If you've agreed to a decreased price, contact us so we can make the adjustment for you. 

If you can't agree on a different price, Airtasker can help with our dispute resolution process. For more information on this process, see our range of helpful articles here.

How cancelling affects your completion rate

Cancelled tasks will decrease your completion rate, in cases where you have been found to be the reason for the cancellation. However, if you are not the cause of the cancellation, it won't affect your rate. This is why it is important to always enter the correct reason.

A low completion rate can affect your reputation and profile on Airtasker and may make it harder for you to receive offers on your tasks, or to have your offers accepted. For more information about the completion rate, see here.

Frequent cancellations can also lead to action against your Airtasker account. Depending on the situation, your account can be limited or in extreme cases, deactivated. See here for more information. 

How the cancellation process works and how long it takes

In order to cancel a task, you will need to lodge a cancellation request. You can find this in the drop-down menu of the task itself.

When you request to cancel a task, the other member will receive a notification to accept or reject within 48 hours. If they don't respond to the request in this time frame, the task will be automatically cancelled.

Once the cancellation is accepted, the payment return will be initiated (see below for more information).

How long a refund takes

When the task has been cancelled, the payment may be returned as Airtasker credit within 1 business day. This means you don't have to wait for the payment to return to you before you post a new task.

If you prefer a return to your payment method, you just need to send us a quick reply to the cancellation email. Once a refund has been processed back to your card it can take 7-10 business days to show in your account.

See more information about this in our article here.

Why you shouldn't cancel for cash payment

We strongly advise keeping the task and payment on Airtasker. When a task is completed on the platform, we can provide peace of mind with a secure payment system, Insurance, dispute resolution and a support team. If a task is cancelled, it will not be eligible for any of these services that are exceptionally valuable if something goes wrong. 

Someone may want to cancel the task in favour of a cash payment for any number of reasons. However, research indicates it could relate to fraudulent activity so the safest option is keeping the task on Airtasker.

If someone does offer you a cash deal to cancel, you can politely decline, and say you would rather stay on Airtasker. If you feel uncomfortable at any time during this type of conversation, reach out to us and we can assist.

What happens if you used a coupon on a cancelled task

Your payment will be returned once the task has been cancelled, and this includes for coupons. However, the terms of your coupon will dictate whether the coupon is reusable. If the coupon has expired, contact us so we can assist.

Reposting your cancelled task

If you find that you need your task done later, you can easily re-post it to get new offers. Simply select the drop-down menu in any task and click Post a similar task (on web) or Copy task (on the app), and make any changes you need before posting.

For more information, see our article here.

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