What is insurance on Airtasker?

When insurance is mentioned on Airtasker, it can refer to the following 3 areas:

Personal Accident Cover

Airtasker offers Personal Accident Cover which provides all Taskers with a degree of personal accident protection in the event of an accident that results in injuries covered under the policy while performing a task. This is provided by Roobyx.

For more information about this policy, see our detailed explainer here.

Third Party Liability Insurance 

‘Airtasker Insurance’ is a third party liability policy provided by CGU Insurance. It insures Taskers registered on the Airtasker marketplace for their liability to third parties for personal injury or property damage whilst performing covered activities.

For more details about this policy, see information for Taskers here and information for Posters here.

Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurance can replace some or all of your lost income if you’re injured and unable to complete tasks. Taskers can choose to opt into this insurance at their own cost with Airtasker’s partner, Roobyx. This is direct with Roobyx and Airtasker is not party to this insurance agreement.

For more information about how this works, see our range of articles here.


Please be aware: all coverage under the above policies is subject to the policy’s terms and conditions and there are exclusions that apply.

Before posting or undertaking tasks, we strongly suggest becoming familiar with the policy terms and conditions (using the above links) so you can understand whether you require further coverage.

You can find an FAQ and further documents on our official Insurance page here.

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