What is the maximum task price?

The maximum task price is currently 9,999 (in the local currency where the task is posted). If you need something done that will cost more than this, we suggest breaking up your task into smaller ones. You can then choose to assign them to the same Tasker, or have a different specialist person work on each area of your task.

Example: if the task is to renovate your home and you expect it to cost approximately 11,000 for the whole area, you could choose to divide it into 2 tasks:

  • 9,999 - to renovate the house
  • 1,001 - to renovate the garage

Alternatively, you could create different tasks for all the things that you need done as part of the renovation. For example, you might create a task for the interior design, a separate task for painting, and another for flooring. 

Depending on the requirements of the Poster and Tasker, the task price can be solely for the Tasker's labour. Out of pocket expenses like materials, tip fees and purchases made on behalf of the Poster can be paid separately. 

Please note that the only the above mentioned out of pocket expenses should be paid separately. All other costs should be included in a Tasker's offer via Airtasker. For more information, see our Community Guidelines about payment.

Tip: if you have an agreement to pay for materials outside of Airtasker Pay, make sure it is adequately documented and that all receipts are kept. We recommend Taskers receive direct confirmation before purchasing anything, and for Posters to see the receipt before making payment.

You might be wondering about the service fee for the higher value tasks. We know that not all tasks are the same, so your service fee shouldn’t be a static rate either. As the task value increases, the fee rate will decrease, so you’ll be paying less for the bigger tasks.

Learn more about the service fee here.

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