My account has been limited but I disagree, what do I do?

When your account is limited for breaching the Community Guidelines, it is done by the Marketplace Operations team. Their role is to keep the marketplace safe and rewarding for everyone. 

If you don’t agree with the reason for limitation, you can make an appeal simply by responding to the email sent to you by the Marketplace Operations team. In this email, please provide the reasons why you feel like the limitation should be removed.

Your appeal will be considered by a separate team, called the Member Services team, who will investigate without any input or collaboration with the Marketplace Operations team. This is to ensure that the outcome is impartial and unbiased.

When reviewing your appeal, the Member Services team will take into consideration whether your action was actually a breach of the Community Guidelines, your account history and the reasons you’ve provided.

The team will get back in touch with the outcome as soon as their review is complete.

Depending on the factors for each case the Member Services team may:

  • Remove the limitation
  • Reduce the time your account is limited
  • Uphold your limitation
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