How long does task payment take?

Payment for tasks is made securely through the globally-recognised, third-party payment provider STRIPE.

When an offer is accepted and a task is assigned to a Tasker,  the payment amount is securely transferred to STRIPE (who hold the funds in escrow). It takes between 1-2 days for this transfer, depending on the individual financial institution.

While the task is being completed the payment is securely held by STRIPE.

When the task is complete, the Tasker can request payment. The Poster then confirms that the task has been completed and a payment release request is sent to STRIPE. The payment is then transferred to the Tasker’s bank account. This process takes 2-3 days, depending on the time of day the request is made and the individual financial institution.

Payment will take between 2-5 business days in total. Please keep this in mind this when making an offer on a task.

Why do some task payments come through quickly, and some take longer?

Tasks all have different timeframes - sometimes they’re posted, assigned and completed over a few days, sometimes this all happens in a matter of hours. Regardless of the task timeframe, the payment system requires processing time.

Example 1:

Mike posted a task on Wednesday. The payment is processed overnight and recognised by STRIPE on Thursday. Mike gets a few offers but he’s busy so doesn’t assign the task until Friday. Tasker Nick completes the task on Saturday, and requests payment. Mike confirms the task has been completed on Saturday. STRIPE receives the release request and processes the payment on Monday. Nick then receives the funds in his bank account on Tuesday - three days after he completed the task.

Example 2:

Mike posts the task on Wednesday. Tasker Nick makes an offer and Mike assigns the task straight away. The payment is being processed, but is not available to STRIPE immediately. Nick completes the task on Wednesday and requests payment. Mike confirms the task has been completed the same day, and STRIPE receives the release request on Wednesday - however, the funds are not available until Thursday. Once the funds have cleared on Thursday the release request is actioned. STRIPE releases the payment, which takes two business days to process. Nick receives the payment on Tuesday, five days after he completed the task.

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