How do I set up task alerts?

A task alert is a notification about a recently posted task you may be interested in doing. We match you to these tasks via keywords you’ve set up in your Airtasker account.

Depending on your notification settings, we can send you these alerts via push notifications to your phone.  

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How do I set up my task alerts?

  1. Log into your Airtasker account
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Task alerts
  4. Set location
  5. Select in person or online
  6. Provide key words e.g. end of lease cleaning

 How do I optimise my task alerts?

The best way to optimise your alerts is to provide a clear and concise description (up to 5 words long) of what you want to see.

The more specific you are with your keywords, the more precise the notifications will be. Precise examples include ‘small hedge trimming’, ‘squarespace website development’ or ‘ikea furniture assembly’. These keywords are useful if you only want to see a narrow range of tasks.

If you would like a broader range of tasks sent to you, you can be more vague with your keywords. Broad keywords include ‘gardening’, ‘painting’ or ‘photography’. The more vague you are with your keywords, the greater variety of tasks you’ll see.   

How do I avoid receiving task alerts for tasks I'm not interested in?

The first step is to check the task alert keywords you’ve added. If a version of each keyword is in either the title or description, a task alert will be sent.

This might mean you'll receive alerts that seem irrelevant to the tasks you usually do. The notifications you receive only contains the task title, so it's not always obvious why a task alert is sent by looking at the title alone.

For example, if you have a keyword of ‘paint’, you may see tasks which such as ‘clean my car, don’t scratch the paint’.

We are continuing efforts to further improve task alerts, for instance, by including data about bid history. During periods of experimentation with these improvements, you may receive alerts for tasks that are not obviously related to your keywords but which our experimental algorithm matched on other factors.

If you’re finding yourself being notified of tasks you don’t want to complete, we suggest considering more specific task alert keywords.

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